Anargame EN

The Anagrame is an anagram game. It is a letter swapping game to create multiple (valid) English words. This game tests your language knowledge.

This is also a free, English and ad-free game. It contains the Scoreloop functionalities which offers online and offline scores and achievements.

There are three game modes:
  • Unlimited, where you may play until all the 21 words (for each puzzle) are complete;
  • Timed, where you should complete the largest number of words in a limited time;
  • Mixed, where you may obtain achievements during the first seconds, and as soon the timer stops, you may play unlimited.
The game has 300 puzzles, with 21 (mandatory) words each. That makes a total of 6300 words to make. 
The Scoreloop system allows to share the score, add friends, view scores, achievements among other functionalities. 

  • Internet access: Required by the Scoreloop (to publish information).
  • Read phone identity and state: Required by Scoreloop.
  • View network status: Required by Anargame (to view Internet availability).
  • Modify/remove USB data: Required to store Anargame preferences (inside Android/data/com.rmsc.anargame.en, in the SD card).

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