The StatusBarAddon is like an addon for you Android status bar. That means you will improve your status bar, by adding it new functionalities. The main goal is to implement (and extend) the possibility to control your hardware settings (or Android preferences), such as turn on or off services like wifi, gps, etc. Also these controllers are customizable (you may select which ones do you want), and add up to 15 controllers. 

These controllers are like buttons (enabling and disabling services), and if you long press them, it will take you to the correspondent settings screen. Other controllers (brightness and volume) are bars, where you may select the level you wish. 

Your status bar will work on the same way, sliding your finger down, however, if you slide your finger horizontally, the new StatusBarAddon will open. 

This application was released as an alpha version, so I may view users reactions and understand if this tool deserves my effort. If users doesn't find this application useful I will not continue it's development since it is an time and effort consuming task. I want to provide this application for free, since I think that only the users may deliberate if this application worth some money (and then they could donate me) or not.

Permissions (note that being this a system tool needs many permissions):

  • Receive boot completed - to know when the phone has booted and start the addon
  • Vibrate - to allow to set the phone on vibrate mode
  • System alert window - is essential to the application
  • Access wifi state - to enable/disable the wifi toggle
  • Access network state - to enable/disable the data toggle
  • Read phone state - to create memory toggles
  • Access coarse location - to allow gps enable
  • Bluetooth & Bluetooth admin - to allow bluetooth enable and disable
  • Expand status bar - to allow the usual status bar slide down action
  • Get tasks - for further development (identify running tasks)
  • Change wifi and network state - to allow wifi and data enable/disable
  • Modify phone state - to allow some toggles such as screen rotation
  • Write settings - to allow some toggle actions such as brightness bar

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